“Sustainable development is development that satisfies today’s needs without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to satisfy their needs.
UN World Commission on Environment and Development in 1987.

At Mässbolaget we believe that this is a very good and simple formulation of a very broad and complicated concept. We think this is an incredibly important issue that requires focus, even if it presents us as a company with a complex situation. Our mission is to create commercial environments for companies and organizations and this requires constant renewal for both us and them. Our goal is to do this in as sustainable a way as possible, and therefore we have drawn up three pillars for our sustainability work.

Sustainable development for us is not a final destination but a constant journey towards improvement and development for future generations of fairs, events, pop-ups, shop-in-shops, shops, cafes and restaurants.

Our three pillars


We always work to build environments that can withstand the wear and tear to which they are expected to be exposed. We do this through active advice on material selection and construction. With 30 years of experience, we have learned where wear and tear occurs and how this can best be handled.


With control over our own production and in close cooperation with a number of carefully selected sub-suppliers, we strive for the most sustainable production possible. The absolute majority of our production takes place in and around Tranås, this means that production takes place in accordance with Swedish environmental requirements and keeps the total amount of transport down.

social sustainability

Based in Tranås, we are a Swedish company that ensures that the work we do is done according to approved Swedish working conditions. This may sound obvious but in our industry this is not always the case. In close collaboration with the municipality, we also work to create opportunities for job training and integration.

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