the future of trade fair concepts is here

We are proud to finally be able to present Re:Stand, the exhibition stand of the future. With a focus on reuse and recycling, we have developed a trade fair concept where you as a customer can contribute to a reduced climate impact. Thanks to Re:Stand’s modular system, we can offer everything from the simplest stand with fabric rugs or in-box panels, to premium stands with smooth, painted walls. Or why not a fair stand with walls in any type of wood or laminated in one of the 100s of laminations available? All fully reusable of course!


The climate issue is bigger than ever in today’s society and there is a lot of waste in the trade fair industry. Re:Stand is a more environmentally friendly alternative that reduces waste because all materials can be reused and assembled. By building with RE:Stand, you as a customer contribute to a reduced climate impact.


RE:Stand is carefully designed from a sustainable perspective. This is a concept that works today, tomorrow and in 20 years. The fair stand of the future is Re:Stand.


Huvudsyftet har alltid varit att kunna återanvända allt material till framtida mässmontrar. Med RE:Stands koncept är detta nu möjligt. Även om kunden önskar att ändra storlek eller form kan materialet från tidigare montrar användas om byggas om. 

See a Re:Stand booth
come to life

RE:stand’s modular system is an easy and efficient way to build stands. It saves both valuable time and materials as everything is reusable. Please see the video how a simple Re:Stand stand can look like.

Exhibition stands built with Re:Stand's concept

Many of our customers are already familiar with RE:Stand and have chosen that concept when designing their stands. Here you can see some of them.

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