We help you from an idea to a completed store.

35 years of experience


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Alongside fairs, stores are our other major focus area. Mässbolaget designs, builds and installs stores all over the world, but with the most focus in Sweden. We work with store design and develop a store concept adapted to your specific brand. Together with the customer, we can create a unique concept development, whether it is for a store or an office environment. For more than 35 years, we have worked to create environments for some of Sweden’s strongest brands.

We build & deliver shop furnishings. With our own production, long experience, good understanding of the store environment and high competence of our staff, no project is too big or too small for us. In production, we design & construct store interiors for all types of stores.

Whether you are going to build a brand new store, renovate or update your store concept, we are here to help you. Mässbolaget is a unique total enterprise. We help you with design, construction, production and assembly.

We are here for you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Stores built by Mässbolaget

Using the right decor in your store

How a store should be structured can sometimes be complicated. How much store decoration is needed? What kind of interior design should you have? How do you get the store environment to be appreciated by customers? The questions can be many. All stores need different types of display furnishings and store materials that are adapted to that particular store. Even color combinations, image placement, sound and lighting can be factors that need to be considered when planning a store construction or store renovation.

Mässbolaget have 35 years of experience in commercial environments and can help you with all these questions. We have a deep understanding of store concepts and what materials fit in which environments. Together with you as a customer, we create a tailor-made concept for your store.


Shop-in-shops are exactly what they sound like, shops within shops. In large chain stores, there may be different departments with different brands. A brand can have an area of 20 square meters to make its own, then we are at hand to make the best out of every square meter.


Pop-up stores are brands that, for a short period, choose to set up a “mini store” in a temporary location. A pop-up shop can last for a few hours but also several months. It is an additional way to promote your brand during special holidays or events.


As well as building shops, we also build restaurants. Restaurant chains with a ready-made concept or a brand new individual restaurant, we build both. We have extensive experience with restaurant environments and know what a venue needs to create a pleasant dining environment. We build new, renovate and update restaurants of all sizes.


Our restaurant section also includes cafes. We design, construct and build cafes according to an already completed concept or a completely new one. Just like with restaurants, we build cafes all over Europe.

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